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Hope Tian  Oil Painting

Born and raised in Beijing China, Artist Hope Tian is a self-taught oil painter for over 12 years.  While pursuing a graduate degree in New York State, she answered a life-long calling of becoming a professional visual Artist.  Now residing in the Boston area, she spends her days expanding her already vast repertoire of oil paintings, collaborating with gallery owners and educational institutions, supporting not-for-profit organizations, and partnering with international classical performing Artists.  Most recently, Hope Tian was the guest Artist on Jane King’s broadcasting on The Fox Business Network, Bloomberg TV, and Newsmax.


Artist Hope Tian finds great excitement and creativity in the exploration of varied subjects and eclectic styles of oil painting.  The range of her Artwork goes from impressionistic or post-impressionistic to expressionistic or fauvist, to truly representational to abstract.  Hope’s paintings are heavily influenced by her keen interest in and on-going study of the master painters.  


Standing before a Hope Tian original oil painting, there is a deep emotional expression, creatively textured layering, vividly vibrant colors, lively free brush strokes ranging from the lightest touch to heavy thick paint all resulting in a unique artistic experience.


Hope always welcomes feedback and inquiries about her Art.  You can reach her at

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